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The unusual cup of coffee

If you are a fan of an Earthy coffee, then you must know about the PREMIUM, Spicy aromatic, Smoky and Chocolaty coffee, Monsoon Malabar. It is one of a kind cup of coffee that gives a soothing monsoonal experience which is personally going to blow your taste buds.

A little insight about the Monsoon Malabar coffee that gives a clear picture of its uniqueness.

Monsooned Malabar is a process applied to coffee beans. The harvested coffee seeds are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for a period of about three to four months, causing the beans to swell and lose the original acidity, resulting in a flavor profile with a practically neutral pH balance.

Malabar has always been a choice of all coffee fanatics out there. It is a medium-dark roasted whole coffee, well regarded as being perfect for Espresso style.

It is one of India’s finest and best-loved coffees. Exceptionally smooth with a sweet, spicy kick. This coffee is unique to the lush Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala, where it has protected status. The typical varietal Arabica beans get washed by the pale gold steamy storms of the monsoon season after being exposed to the end- the secret behind this coffee’s distinctive taste profile.

Considering the process, it’s hardly surprising that the resulting coffee is unlike any other. Monsoon Malabar coffee is intensely flavourful and is hugely full-bodied. The monsoon exposure and aging process remove almost all the usual acidic qualities of the coffee. This lack of acidity gives the coffee a thick, almost grainy quality and a complete absence of brightness.

Food pairing- As it is best enjoyed as an espresso beverage, the potential food pairings for Monsoon Malabar are expansive. Chocolate, shortbread, and biscotti are the obvious choices as they will pair well with the malty sweetness of the coffee.

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