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Super Automatic vs Automatic machines

As a producer of specialty coffee, we find the need to explain coffee drinkers what super automatic and automatic machines mainly are. The espresso that we all crave for the early morning is the coffee which is brewed under high temperature and high pressure. These espresso machines can be cataloged in two types.

What are semi-automatic and super-automatic machines?

Semi-automatic machines need to be hand-operated. The coffee powder is put in the machine manually every time you want your cup of coffee.There are two different buttons to start and stop the whole process.

Super-automatic machine follows the standard recipe to make coffee.This machine has everything automated.The coffee beans/powder will be poured beforehand. One press of a button and voila! you get your espresso.

Now that we know how these two machines work, we can discuss their boon and the bane.

Advantages of semi-automatic machines

This machine will allow you to play around with coffee. 22gms of coffee extracted for 23secs will give a strong espresso compared to 18gms of coffee extracted for 12secs. This machine mainly allows one to be flexible with their choice and taste. Its allows barista’s to play with dosage size and extraction time thus refinning their unnique recipes. This is also the reason why you will see semi-automatic machines in most coffee bars.

Disadvantages of semi-automatic machines

This machine fails to provide you with consistency.Every time you have a cup of coffee you can find some change in the taste. A small change of dosage reflects in a significant change of taste. Also the time taken to make a cup of coffee is higher.

Advantages of super-automatic machines,

This machine provides consistency to your coffee. It follows one formula and one way. This machine is for people who like their coffee in a particular way.

Disadvantages of super-automatic machines,

This machine is certainly not one for the coffee geeks as this machine fails to show flexibility while extracting coffee.

The world is fast-paced where people need instant results. The super-automatic machine is believed to be the future of coffee. This machine is ideal for our hasty life style where we will need to spend only 30-45 seconds to get our coffee. The coffee industry is slowly trying to get improvements in the super-automated machines to make it more popular among the masses. With its fast paced technology and upcoming improvements, it will be a boon to the coffee-addicts.

Although the best fit for the coffee appreciating crowd shall always remain semi automatic machines because at the end of the day, coffee is an art.


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