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Sundried Coffee

Sundried coffee as the name suggests involves drying of beans with the heat and energy of the sun. The dry process is the most simple, effective and natural way to dry the beans. Sun dried coffee interacts with the energy from the rays and undergoes changes in the chemical composition of the cherry. This leaves a unique taste and flavor in the coffee which is what makes sun-dried coffee interesting and curious. The dry process requires very hot weather making it suitable only in few places. It is done mainly in Brazil, Paraguay and 90% of the Arabica coffee which is mainly produced in India.

Sundried coffee

After the wet process, the beans are then parched and readied to dry. At that moment, the beans contain at least 50% of moisture. This needs to be brought down to 12%. Sun drying is the preferred method of drying over machine drying. The beans are spread out on large concrete or brick patios under the sun. Consequently, they are well taken care of during this process. At a regular interval, these beans are turned over by the laborers for better drying and to prevent mildew. It may take up to 3-4 weeks depending on the weather conditions.

The coffee is allowed to dry at its own natural pace. Sun drying produces a better quality of the coffee. The drying operation is a very important part. It allows producing the better quality of the green coffee. However, if the coffee gets over dried, it can become brittle and can be considered defective. Much as, when coffee is under dried, it is naturally prone to rapid deterioration due to the attack of fungi and bacteria.
The dried beans are stored in a bulk. Consequently, it is sent to a mill for further processing.

You can further taste the noticeable difference in any sun-dried coffee.

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