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monkey parchment coffee

Monkey Parchment Coffee

People hear of the so-called “poop coffee” or “cat coffee”, a type of coffee made from coffee beans that have been ingested and excreted by the palm civet(A species of cat). It’s an oddity in the coffee world, for sure. But now, it isn’t the only “animal-processed” coffee available. There’s another type, called “monkey coffee” or “monkey parchment coffee”, which is currently being produced.

The monkeys in the wild jungles of the Ghats are instinctively attracted to the most ripe and sweetest coffee cherries. These monkeys pluck the tastiest cherries, chew on them leisurely for a few minutes and then spit the remainder. What is left is the seed and its outer layer surrounding the seed (parchment). Hence it gets the name monkey parchment coffee.

How do we obtain Monkey Parchment Coffee?

Our workers carefully harvest (pick up) these beans from the jungle and selected estates and send them to our curing facility where they are washed, rinsed, processed and dried. The unroasted beans of monkey parchment coffee look greyish in colour as opposed to the regular coffee which is green in colour.

What makes this coffee unique is the monkey itself. The enzymes in the saliva of the monkey interact with the chemical composition of the seed. And change its entire flavour profile.

It’s a micro-lot coffee and the annual yield is sparingly few kilos.

We do not retail this product. Get in touch with us if you are interseted to buy in bulk.

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