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Why does a cappuccino taste different from one place to another?

There had to be a solution to this underlying problem in the society and people at Kingsmen coffee couldn’t comfort until they found it. Coffee is a volatile commodity. Even differences of 0.5 milligrams in the powder can completely change the final flavour in the cup. We could think of two solutions

Hunt and hire zombies who shall be perfect at measuring and preparing coffee


Automate the process of making coffee and let technology do the job for us

Hence we decided to design our own super automatic machines which shall freshly ground the coffee after you ask for it. In about 40 seconds one can have a fresh bean to cup coffee. It has a smart touchscreen user interface and is completely customizable. Once you find your perfect cup of coffee, we save that in the machine and let a series of code make the coffee for you the way you like it, every single time.

Description 2

Kingsmen Coffee presents its state-of-the-art machine, 2016-E1. It consists of coffee grinder, espresso brewer, bean container, high speed mixers, waste bin collector, drip tray, hot water system, nozzle, cabinet, door, hardware and software control system.

Drinks Offered







Hot Chocolate

All Teas (Regular, lemon, ginger, masala, black)

Hot water

Product Dimensions

Height : 450 mm

Width : 302 mm

Depth : 370 mm

Additional Features

Capacitive Touch panel for User Interface

Warning speakers

LED indicator lights

Moving sensor

Material status update

Multilanguage & Multimedia designer

Storage temperature

+5°C to +50°C


15 kgs



Own the machine and have the freedom to play around with it.


For annual or Bi-Annual packages


For an upcoming occasion or event.