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When I visited Chikmagalur

Recently, I went to visit a coffee plantation in Chikmagalur and guess what, I had one of life’s most enriching experience. I met an amazing woman who I like to call superwoman. She earns her daily bread by serving as a coffee farmer. Her name is Lakshamma and hails from the Mudigere region. Lakshamma is a daily wager in the coffee plantation. She made me a part of her daily life when she got to know about my passion for knowing about coffee.

Lakshamma and her husband are trying to make two ends meet. They are trying hard to provide a better future for their children with their hard work and dedication. Her day starts at dawn when the city is normally fast asleep. Making meals for the family and cleaning the house takes up her morning. Her kids wake up and go to school.

At around 9, she reaches the coffee farm where the boss instructs her to pluck coffee fruits after examining the plant manually. Here starts her regular hardship as a wager under the blazing sun.

Coffee plants are cross planted with pepper trees. Amidst of all the squirrels chirping and coffee and pepper trees, she needs to pluck 3 kgs of fruits while checking the quality of each fruit. However, only 40% of all the fruits are accepted which can be roughly estimated as 300-500 fruits.

She can pluck fruits for two sessions, once in the morning and then in the afternoon. After 2-3 hours of hard work and sweat, she earns a meager amount of 300 rupees as the base price per day and bonus of 50 per kg after 3 kgs.

Every day is a hurdle and hardship for her. However, she looks forward to the next day with a smile on her face and dream in her eyes.

We at Kingsmen Coffee salute her dedication and admire her hardwork and help her by providing the right value to her work and most importantly, tell people her story.


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