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India produces 3.1% of global coffee annually and 80% of it is exported best 80% of it is exported.

It was this fact which made Kingsmen Coffee really push to get the best of what India grows and retain it here in India(Indian speciality coffee). We visited various farms and mapped out the geographical regions which grow the best coffee based on the altitude, water source, cultivation practises and other factors. Once we have located the farms, we deal directly with farmers and help them in harvesting coffee. This embarks the beginning of the journey of our beans. They have multiple stops on the way through our curing facility, warehouse and roastery.

We study the origin of the bean, contribute to enhance it, and then cure it ourselves. There are several curing processes which we inculcate viz, naturally processed, dry processed, wet processes, sun dried, etc. All of our coffee is roasted to order. On roasting we blend the coffee to achieve the perfect mix of body, flavour, strength and aroma.

Thus we offer our in-house single origin Indian speciality coffee variants. We welcome you to be a part of Kingsmen Coffee’s journey and experience what the best of India really feels like.

Single Origin Coffees