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Coffee Tasting

01Beautiful Place

We here at Kingsmen Coffee have put in a lot of effort and time to design our spaces to best suit what we do. We have a fully functional workshop and electronics lab where most of our R&D on the machines is done. We have tasting rooms which are dedicated spaces to taste, feel and experience coffee.

02Feel the coffee

We believe one never can know enough about coffee and thats the beauty of this product. Hence we at Kingsmen Coffee have developed special modules to understand coffee better and be more philosophical about coffee considering how vast the industry and the commodity is. We help people feel this vastness of coffee and thus enable them to discover whats best for them.

03Coffee tasting

Although coffee might be commonly associated to be of something with great aroma and strong after taste, we at Kingsmen Coffee believe the best of a coffee can be enjoyed when done right. Hence we as Coffee connoisseurs help people cup coffee better to help them experience the diversity of coffee.

A coffee cupping or coffee tasting session usually involves understanding about the origin of the bean, the curing method incorporated, the roast profile and finally the aroma and taste. As for a consumer the earlier steps mostly dont matter as long as they love their coffee, we at Kingsmen Coffee organise cupping sessions to help people experience the diversity within coffee and learn about exotic coffee and what really makes them exotic. In a cupping session we expose you to variety of coffee and help you understand their differences thus enabling you to discover your perfect coffee.

  • Smell
    Our sense of taste is directly influenced by our sense of odour. When tasting a coffee, always smell it first. Place your hand over your coffee mug or tasting cup. Hold the cup close to your nose and inhale.
  • Slurp
    When tasting a coffee, it is important to slurp it. By slurping, you spray the coffee across your entire palate. This allows the subtle flavours and aromas to reach all the tasting zones of your tongue.
  • Enjoy the experience of coffee
    As you taste a coffee, think about where you are experiencing flavours on your tongue. Try connecting it to everyday flavours your pallets are familiar with.

Interested In Coffee Tasting?