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A Historical Coffee Tale – A Coffee Herder and a Sufi Monk

There must have been a time before coffee was discovered. I don’t remember coffee-making, to have appeared in any of the Bible stories I learned. Jesus changed water into wine, not coffee. Maybe if coffee had been around, he would have changed some of the water into coffee.

So let the Historical Coffee tale begin!

A depiction of Kaldi with the goats

Kaldi with his Goats

The story goes back to over a millennium ago, a young boy named Kaldi lived with his family in Ethiopia. Kaldi’s job was to tend the goats in the fields. His family was nomadic. They moved every few months to a new site in a cycle that had been repeated for generations. One day, Kaldi observed his goats prancing and frolicking about. He found the behaviour of his goats to be strange and unusual. When Kaldi investigated, he saw the goats merrily eating the red berries and shiny leaves of an unfamiliar tree. Naturally, he decided to try some. When he did, he joined the dancing goats and became the happiest herder in Arabia. After eating the berries of that tree, he, as well as his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep all night!

A picture of a Sufi Monk meditating and praying in the monastry

Later, Kaldi carried samples of the mysterious berries to a local Sufi monastery. The monks partook the strange beans skeptically. That night, their midnight prayers were answered easily. The monks stayed up for hours, praying in the state of spiritual ecstasy they always sought. They embraced the consumption of coffee – what Kaldi had discovered – as a vehicle toward mystical visions.

The tale of Kaldi is charming, but the only truth in it is that coffee sprung from Ethiopia. It is also likely that the Oromo people, whom Kaldi represents, were among the first human communities to experience the caffeinated verve of coffee beans.

A picture of Coffee with coffee beans

Coffee has been like a saviour. It is the elixir that has given us productive sleepless nights and energetic mornings. Are you are a coffee fanatic? If you are keen to know more such interesting facts, visit

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